Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gluing the top

Now Kirk attaches the top to the sides- or is it the sides to the top? Anyway, here's a view from inside. That Brazilian rosewood lining looks great!

The three-piece back (Mediterranean cypress/Brazilian rosewood) is braced and ready to go.

Here's a view from the outside.

And one more from the inside.

Both backs are done, and join the other backs waiting their turn.

Looks like it's ready to be glued! (That's my personal guitar, #642.)

Next time- gluing the back!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finishing the top

With the soundhole ring inlaid, Kirk turns his attention to bracing the top. First, the wood is trimmed to the template (notice it now has the cutaway). Then Kirk installs the bracing.

The reinforcement patch on the upper right is where the channels for the slider controls will be cut.

Our mutual friend John Knowles stopped by Kirk's shop while the top was being finished. Here John is conducting olfactory testing of the soundhole. (He assured me that the top smells as good as it looks.)

photo by Kirk Sand, courtesy of John Knowles

Here's a closeup of the completed top. Check out the grain of the Brazilian rosewood ring.

photo by John Knowles

The top is inlaid, trimmed, braced, and ready to glue to the sides.

photo by John Knowles

Next, gluing the top!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Making the rosette

The Kirk Sand electric classical guitar I've been playing since 1996 doesn't have a sound hole, but my signature model guitar will. For it, I told Kirk I wanted something other than a standard classical guitar rosette (as shown below). 

Rather than marquetry, I suggested a simple Brazilian rosewood ring, to match the rosewood accents on the guitar. Kirk's response (as always) was "I can do that!" As you will see, "a simple Brazilian rosewood ring" is not such a simple process.

First, Kirk carefully drew the pattern onto the template with a compass.

Then, he glued up two lengths of Brazilian rosewood.

Ready to go.

Using a Dremel tool to cut the ring. Notice the dowel to guide the Dremel.

First one is finished.

Both done. (Remember, Kirk is making two guitars- my personal guitar and the first order.)

The rosewood ring will be double bound in black, white, and red.

Bound and finished.

Checking against the template before cutting a channel for the ring.

Ready to go. Notice the razor blade and the serial number of the guitar penciled on the top.

Ring inlaid into the top. Perfection!

Soundhole cut out. Notice the top is not yet cut to the template.

Both rings done.

Next time: finishing the top!