Friday, June 28, 2013

Binding the top

Actually, there's a little more to do on the back binding, so here we go. First, scraping the binding level.

Kirk uses this high-tech scraping tool.

And now, routing for the top binding. Kirk uses this router . . .

. . . very carefully.

Building up the layers of binding.

Here's a closeup. Kirk uses the same scheme as the soundhole ring- black/white/red, edged with Brazilian rosewood.

All bound up with no place to go. The cord (and the monster clamp) is to hold the binding in place while it dries.

Kirk will clean up the squeeze-out later.

More scraping . . .

And sanding . . .

Lookin' good.

Still more scraping, this time with a razor blade.


Next time- making the neck!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Routing for binding

With the box completed, Kirk turns his attention to the binding. "I love binding when I am in the mood or groove for it," he says. "I am really into this one- it will be fun!"

First, routing for the back and side binding.

A careful pass around the entire body creates a channel for the binding.

I told Kirk I wanted red in the binding. My first Kirk Sand guitar has green trim in the Indian rosewood binding, so I wanted something a little different. (I also thought it would look nice against the lighter colored cypress.)  Kirk suggested a black/white/red scheme, bound with Brazilian rosewood to match the soundhole ring. Below are the binding strips, ready for gluing.

You can see how the binding matches the wedge on the back of the guitar.

Another view.

And another.

Both guitars bound.

A view of the access panel.

And a closeup. Says Kirk: "This was fun! I like this cypress/rosewood combo. It's new to me, so it's fresh and exciting."

Next time- binding the top!


Monday, June 17, 2013

The box is done

"Hi Craig. Box is done. Ready for the Brazilian rosewood binding!"

When I got this short email from Kirk Sand, I couldn't wait to see the photos. So, without further ado, here they are...

Kirk's signature on the underside of the top, visible through the access panel:

View from the back side. (My best side, so I'm told. Actually, folks tell me the further away I get, the better I look...)

Love the figuring in that Brazilian rosewood! (Have I said that before?)

Closeup of the top. The Brazilian rosewood binding will match the soundhole ring (and the back wedge).

Here's a closeup of the soundhole ring again (before Kirk cut the soundhole), with black/white/red accenting the rosewood. The top will have the same binding scheme.

The top of my guitar, and the back of its twin.

Next time, the binding!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back, preamp, and access panel

Here's the finished back, almost ready to glue to the sides.

But first, Kirk cuts the access panel for the preamp (because this is an electric nylon string guitar, don't you know). You can see the tracing for the cutout below.

My guitar will be amplified with a Prismatone II pickup. My friend Sam Kennedy has re-created the Prismatone, as used by Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins. Paul Yandell said he thought it was the most balanced sounding pickup he ever heard. Sam has also designed a special preamp for my guitar which incorporates the original circuitry, plus volume control and 3-band EQ. The preamp will be accessed through- you guessed it- the access panel, and the slider controls will be on the top of the guitar.

Back to the access panel, after Kirk cuts the opening, he reinforces it with rosewood.

Two sides completed...

Gluing up the other two sides.

My guitar drying...

Both guitars done.

Looking good.

View from the outside. The wood Kirk removed will become the door for the panel, which will rest on the rosewood supports.

Finished and ready to join!

Well, maybe next time we'll glue the back!