Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last few construction photos

One afternoon I received this very excited email from Kirk Sand: "I just strung it up, and it sounds great! Right away! I can't wait to get the electronics in it!"

Here are a few more photos he sent that day. First, installing the Prismatone pickup . . .

A perfect fit! Kirk fashioned the bridge to receive the Prismatone without the need for intonation adjustment screws.

Now, stringing it up . . .

Beautiful! Kirk used D'Addario ProArte Extra Hard strings, with a Savarez Alliance 3rd string.

Here's a closeup of the bridge/pickup area.

And a view through the access panel.

Looking good!

Now, deciding on the input jack location. Endpin or side?

Next time- installing the preamp and wiring!


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