Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gluing the bridge

I told Kirk Sand about 12-year old me gluing the bridge down on my old Harmony archtop guitar with some glue I found in my Dad's workshop, because it kept sliding around. (The bridge, not the workshop.) Don't worry, I marked the spot before I glued- by cutting a notch in the top of the guitar on each side of the bridge feet with a knife I found in my Dad's workshop . . .

Later, I received these photos, with the caption: "Gluing on your bridge with some glue I found in my Dad's workshop."

First, measuring for the right spot.

A trial run. The ebony block simulates the pickup, for precise placement.

Looking good. Hopefully, Kirk won't mark the spot with a knife he found in his Dad's workshop . . .

Kirk explains: "First we have to chisel away the lacquer where the bridge goes. Better measure twice, chisel once!" If you look closely, you can see the faint lines where he scored the bridge outline before chiseling.

Positioning and taping the bridge into place.

Drilling for dowels and the pickup wire.

Ready to glue.

Next time- the last few construction photos!


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